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The Supersonic Collection


The vibe is buzzing at AKUART as we get ready to launch our most innovative, functional and sustainable collection yet. 

So listen up! As this new acoustic collection will raise the bar for acoustic design and leave you in wonder of the endless possibilities of creating beautiful, stylish and sensorially stimulating interior designs.

What’s the story?

We set out with a masterplan: to innovate the possibilities of acoustic solutions. And little by little a collection took form. A collection where every single component pushes the boundaries of its own material content and function. A collection that in all of its parts and as a whole is nothing less than super – Supersonic!


Some might say that superb functionality and exceptional design was enough – but we wanted to create an acoustic collection for the future! Designed for disassembly and circularity. So will it live forever? Only time will tell – at least we have designed it so that all parts can be dismantled and re-used or re-cycled in new product life cycles.

· Frame from recycled aluminum
· Canvas of recycled polyester
· Absorber with recycled PET fibres


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