Akuart SS50 Vertical Suspended Screen is perfect for creating acoustic and visual zones between clusters of workstations, and making beautiful interior designs. The wire suspended acoustic screen offers creative freedom to match any aesthetic narrative, while never compromising the superb functionality. The panels come with a variety of special features including the characteristic Akuart changeable canvas and a designed for disassembly product philosophy making it possible to recycle each and every single component of the screen.


SS50 Vertical Suspended Screen offers predefined patterns in three different heights: 1450 mm, 1950 mm and 2450 mm. Each pattern can be configured as needed.

Depth: 50 mm
Min. height: 450 mm
Max. height: 3000 mm
Min. length: 450 mm
Max. length: 1000 mm

Download product sheet for a full overview of formats and sizes.