Our Approach

We live and breathe for better room acoustics because we understand how it can improve your everyday life. Our passion for designing room acoustics is in many ways taking on a “silent” role. It sounds like a paradox, but when designing acoustics to perfection, most people don’t realize it. They simply experience a pleasant, feel-good environment. You never complain about something that works. Luckily for us we are just as passionate about great product design and creating visual meaning as we are for creating extraordinary room acoustics. This makes it possible for us to make some noise even though our main purpose is to be sonically invisible.

Enjoy the silence!

Superior acoustic functionality designed for the human ear

We have tailor made the acoustic properties of our products to secure optimal surroundings for speaking and listening. We have specifically designed them to optimize the absorption of reverberant speech in a broad frequency range enhancing direct speech and improving speech intelligibility.

The Way
We Play

The changeable AKUART canvas
Sometimes change is what we need

Flexible, functional and fully customizable product design

When it comes to product design we are strong believers of functionality and flexibility. As a consequence all AKUART products are fully customizable in terms of size, color and visual expression and they come with a changeable canvas that is washable at high temperatures.

Support from AKUART’s inhouse graphic design experts

The AKUART graphic design team will help you realize any visual idea. They are experts in image work, print quality, color proofing and more and can therefore perform any kind of task, whether it be for commercial content, branding or color matching to a specific color theme.

Visual meaning
We believe that visual design is a strategic tool that helps create a positive impact on people. Whether it is wayfinding, finding the right colors, corporate identity or securing that personal touch our philosophy is to ensure that our customers get exactly what they want and more. We never compromise on that.

Ready and on time

Our intern sales team makes sure everything is delivered and on time. If you need help with mounting the panels our specialized team of installers will help out too.

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Novo Nordisk Engineering

Novo Nordisk Engineering