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    SS50 Floor Screen
    Supersonic Collection

    Frame and Canvas Colours
    Canvas Texture: Transformer

    Muted Red

    Base Red

    Accent Red

    Muted Earth

    Base Earth

    Accent Earth

    Muted Yellow

    Base Yellow

    Accent Yellow




    Muted Olive

    Base Olive

    Accent Olive

    Muted Green

    Base Green

    Accent Green

    Muted Purple

    Base Purple

    Accent Purple

    Muted Blue

    Base Blue

    Accent Blue

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    The Akuart SS50 Floor Screen provides endless possibilities of creating beautiful stand alone acoustic interior designs. The core material and dimensions are meticulously engineered to interrupt speech from one workstation to another. The floor screen offers superb acoustic functionality and an exceptional array of design options. Choose from a wide range of frame colors, feet designs and canvas options to make this acoustic solution fit your distinct needs. The screen comes with a variety of special features including a vast range of colours, the characteristic Akuart changeable canvas and a designed for disassembly product philosophy making it possible to recycle each and every single component of the screen.

    Product details
    • Superior acoustic performance
    • Changeable canvas which allows you to enjoy the freedom of change as well as prolonging the life cycle of each screen.  
    • A design for disassembly product composition making it possible to reduce, reuse, repair and recycle each component used.   
    • An extended range of frame colours: 24 standard fine structured powder coated frame colours to choose from.
    • Fully calculated CO2 footprint for each individual screen.

    Acoustic material
    50 mm PET with 50% fibres from recycled plastic bottles

    Aluminium with 75% upcycled aluminium scrap. Fine structure powder coating

    Zink inserts. Fine structure powder coating.

    Polyester made with 100% recycled polyester fibres


    Flat base, Elevated base, Wheeled base


    w:800 x h:1300 mm / w:800 x h:1500 mm / w:800 x h:1800 mm /
    w:800 x h:2000 mm / w:1000 x h:2000 mm / w:1200 x h:1300 mm /
    w:1200 x h:1500 mm / w:1200 x h:1800 mm / w:1200 x h:2000 mm /
    w:1500 x h: 2000 mm

    w:1400 x h:1300 mm / w:1600 x h:1300 mm / w:1800 x h:1300 mm /
    w:2000 x h:1300 mm / w:1600 x h:1500 mm / w:1800 x h:1500 mm /
    w:2000 x h:1500 mm

    Bespoke sizes also available

    Test & Acoustic functionality

    Equivalent sound absorption area
    Test dimensions 2.16 m2

    CO2 & Sustainability

    SS50 Floor Screen CO2e Emissions

    Vertical formats:     Elevated // wheels // Flat
    w:800 x h:1300 mm = 170 Kg //  170 Kg // 200 Kg
    w:800 x h:1500 mm = 180 Kg // 180 Kg // 210 Kg
    w:800 x h:1800 mm = 190 Kg // 200 Kg // 220 Kg
    w:800 x h:2000 mm = 210 Kg // 210 Kg // 240 Kg
    w:1000 x h:2000 mm = 230 Kg // 230 Kg // 260 Kg
    w:1200 x h:1300 mm = 200 Kg // 200 Kg // 230 Kg
    w:1200 x h:1500 mm = 210 Kg // 220 Kg // 240 Kg
    w:1200 x h:1800 mm = 230 Kg // 240 Kg // 260 Kg
    w:1500 x h: 2000 mm = 280 Kg // 290 Kg // 310 Kg

    Horizontal formats:     Elevated //  wheels // Flat
    w:1400 x h:1300 mm = 210 Kg // 220 Kg // 240 Kg
    w:1600 x h:1300 mm = 230 Kg // 240 Kg // 260 Kg
    w:1800 x h:1300 mm = 240 Kg // 250 Kg // 270 Kg
    w:2000 x h:1300 mm = 260 Kg // 270 Kg // 290 Kg
    w:1600 x h:1500 mm = 250 Kg // 250 Kg // 280 Kg
    w:1800 x h:1500 mm = 260 Kg // 270 Kg // 290 Kg
    w:2000 x h:1500 mm = 280 Kg // 290 Kg // 310 Kg

    → Our approach to sustainability
    → Akuart Sustainability Report 2022 


    The SS50 Floor Screen is easy to clean. It can withstand daily dusting, vacuuming and wiping with a semi wet cloth with the use of universal cleaning products.

    The canvas is easy to disinfect. It endures the use of anti bacterial spray or anti bacterial wipes and alcohol chlorine based cleaning products without affecting the print.

    The canvas tolerates machine wash repeatedly.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

    Design options

    Colours & Textures

    Art & Photography

    Graphic Design

    Planning & Organising

    With the Akuart Sound & Colour Collection captivating colours and textures are merged to form a sophisticated range deepening from subtle neutrals to dark inky hues.

    From the brushstrokes of talented artists to the lens of visionary photographers, the Akuart Gallery offers a meticulously curated selection of contemporary artwork.

    Call up emotions, invigorate curiosity, and spark conversation with personalised graphics within the fields of wayfinding, branding, and corporate identity.

    Get organised and stay on top of things with an annual calendar and weekly planner collection, available in a multitude of colours, textures and looks.

    Special Features