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Akuart x KBHavn 2023

Design Option:

Planning & Organising

Allow us to introduce the 2023 Akuart x KBHavn Collection. An exclusive collection of Akuart sound absorbers with changeable canvases, fused with KBhavn Groups iconic calendar and time management designs. Practicality, aesthetics and acoustic functionality comes together, to help you achieve overview, structure and peace of mind.

The design partnership is built on a common belief that reusability is key to sustainable living, and that good design and durable quality plays a vital role. The changeable and recyclable pinnable Akuart canvas ensures that the calendar design can be renewed on a yearly basis without having to exchange the whole screen or panel.

“Joining forces with Akuart adds an extra dimension to our designs, offering time management tools that sound as great as they look”


– Martin Bastrup Bruun, Partner, KBHavn Group

“We are thrilled to work with KBHavn Group on this collaboration. Our brands have so much in common, sharing a strong passion for aesthetic and functional design”


– Pablo de Arce, Head of Marketing, Akuart

The Akuart x KBHavn Collection holds both an annual calendar and a weekly planner design, available in a multitude of colours, textures and looks, to match your specific visual style and preference.

With the option of choosing between two different font style and 5 colours, the Akuart x KBHavn Collection is the perfect solution to bring extraordinary acoustic efficiency and time management into meeting rooms and office spaces, while adding that exclusive interior design touch. – An uncompromising solution from two strong Danish design brands that allows you to integrate your calendar needs in your interior design and plan ahead with peace of mind

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