Akuart is a values based business. Our products are created to enhance the life quality of our customers. Our product range offer peace of mind, focus and beauty – through superb acoustic solutions, that are fit for the future. We work with the values of sustainability and the principles of circularity to design long lasting and high quality acoustic solutions.

Sustainable transformation is an ongoing journey and we are excited for each step we take


Our consideration for the climate is incorporated from start to finish of our value chain. From the design process, through material selection, production methods and all the way to the end customer and beyond. We are continuously working to minimise the emissions connected to the production process of our products.

Responsible production

At Akuart we have an innovative and creative approach to product design, which has led us to work with the principles of circularity in our product development for years.

We design functional and aesthetic acoustic solutions that are made to order, easy to maintain, and easily updated due to the exchangeable canvases – both in design and functionality they are made to last!


With the goal of transparency and understanding, we set out to map our complete value chain and measure the CO2e emissions of our products. We commenced collaboration with the new Danish emissions calculation platform, Målbar, to calculate the complete scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions from the products in our Supersonic Collection.

Our efforts to search out the exact data and documentation throughout our supply chain, has resulted in a much greater companywide comprehension of our products and a developed relationship with our suppliers. Further the calculations have been warmly welcomed by our resellers and customers, and have been a great way to further discuss sustainability in the industry.

Working with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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