Meet our Showroom Manager Jack Maynard

Meet Showroom Manager, Jack Maynard, a force of curatorial experience and creative energy.

Born and raised in England, Jack enjoyed a musical youth, playing in bands and orchestras and acting in theatre productions and children’s television. He trained as a composer in London before working as a sound archivist at the BBC and Tate Gallery. Since relocating to Denmark in 2012, he has expanded his experience in the cultural sector, working with SMK, the Theatre Museum at the Court Theatre, and, more recently, as a Curator and Researcher at Fritz Hansen.

He loves working with site-specific sound design for interior environments and spends much of his free time creating soundtracks for films and art installations. He is fascinated by the creative potential of ‘old-fashioned’ analogue technologies and formats and is part of a film society presenting rare, vintage documentary film reels in unusual venues, bringing spaces to life.

Swing by our showroom in Nordhavn and let Jack guide you through our universe of acoustic solutions!

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