Extended colour range for the Supersonic Collection coming soon





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Colours and Textures

AKUART is thrilled to announce the upcoming expansion of our Supersonic Collection, introducing 24 new carefully curated colours that seamlessly integrate with the clean lines and sleek design of our acoustic screens and wall panels. 


The expanded colour palette arriving in 2024 provides even more flexibility, allowing for the customisation of spaces according to unique visions. Whether it’s muted tones or bold, statement-making shades, the Supersonic Collection offers enhanced versatility for a variety of design styles and environments. 



“We are extremely proud to launch this new palette of 8 colours each with 3 variations: Base, Muted, Accent. It’s a testament to our commitment to keep pushing the boundaries for acoustic design products that redefine expectations.”


-Steffen Spangmose, Product Design at AKUART

The SS50 Supersonic Collection will now feature 8 distinct colours: Blue, Earth, Green, Yellow, Red, Purple, Olive, Neutral, each available in 3 variations–Muted, Accent and Base.

The extended colour range will offer more playfulness in acoustic design, but without unwavering in its commitment to sustainability with an aluminium frame made from 75% recycled aluminium and a canvas made from 100% recycled polyester.

Stay tuned for more info!