We are thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with Urgent.Agency – an award winning design agency specializing in culture strategy, brand identity and placemaking. With a common mission to create spaces that are truly user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and offer a total sensorial experience we are now extending the range of design options printed on AKUART acoustic panels with tailormade wayfinding concepts by Urgent.Agency.

Whereas traditional acoustic solutions often focus solely on a combination of functionality and a neutral and “invisible” sense of aesthetic, our acoustic panels are designed to be multifunctional. That is why the combination of AKUART panels and Urgent.Agency wayfinding makes perfect sense. Together we combine much needed practicalities with aesthetics and brand activation.

The combination of wayfinding and acoustic solutions is the opportunity to communicate company values or stories, be creative as well as functional – all while managing to perform wayfinding and acoustic duties.

A truly holistic 3-in-1 solution!