Sweco is Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancy. With 17,000 employees in Northern Europe they carry out tens of thousands of projects in some 70 countries worldwide to ensure clean water, efficient infrastructure and sustainable energy solutions.

In their recently built headquarters on Ørestads Boulevard 41 in Copenhagen, Sweco employees were experiencing noise problems from the ever-brewing coffee machines installed in the small kitchens in direct connection to the open office spaces.

Creating a sound balance
To solve the noise problems an effective acoustic solution was needed in order to create a balanced and pleasant sound environment. Sweco partnered up with AKUART’s acoustical department defining a solution that would both contain as well as absorb the sound from the noisy coffee machines. A combination of AKUART wire suspended panels, floor screens and wall panels were chosen to reshape the sound environment into a more pleasant experience for the employees.

Colors, textures & storytelling
The finished installment of wire suspended and free standing panels blends seamlessly into the interior design with subtle textures and nuances of grey. The subtle tones serve as a calm backdrop for the larger wall panels with photographs of prestigious SWECO projects.

We could easily have gone with more bold colors for the suspended panels and floor screens but we really wanted the photographs to stand out making them the centerpiece of the interior design.” – Jonas Lønborg Head of Graphic Production at AKUART