Engineered Acoustics
Founded in 1945, Ramboll is today a leading engineering, design and consultancy company. Their 15,500 experts work across the globe in construction, transportation, planning, urban design and many other fields.

At Ramboll’s headquarters in Copenhagen, employees experienced problems with sound distribution from coffee machines to open office areas. In collaboration with their acoustics department, AKUART tailored a solution, contributing sonically to a better daily workplace for 1,800 employees.

New Life to Dead Spaces
Based on Ramboll’s measurements, we defined the optimal acoustic treatment of nearby walls in the coffee machine areas as well as sound corridor enclosures. The solution involved a mix of wall panels, suspended panels and custom acoustic sound-absorbing walls.

“We always think of intelligent solutions that serve as more than just solving an acoustic problem,” adds Steffen Spangmose, acoustical engineer at AKUART. “So, it’s a joy to see how the employees use the corridors as informal meeting spaces or zones for phone calls.”

To make the elements blend in, we matched their colors with the dominant colors in the interior design. Also, textures were added to the print for a more tactile look and feel of the panels. The result is a subtle acoustic interior solution that works hand in glove with the existing interior.