Novozymes’ unique dedication to enzymes and microbes has made them a world leader in biological solutions. For more than 70 years, their work has made a big difference to our shared world.

To continue their ground-breaking efforts, the Danish pharmaceutical company built an innovation campus in Greater Copenhagen. AKUART helped deliver a total acoustic solution that benefits the 800 employees here who will continue to rethink everyday products every day.

A Feeling of Home
To ensure the new facilities followed the acoustic regulations from the Danish building authorities, AKUART was brought in to help.

Novozymes previously has experienced great results from AKUART’s acoustic solutions in their various office premises around Denmark. Therefore, Novozymes management wanted to expand the use of our solutions to the new building.

Working closely together with the main contractor NCC and Novozymes, we helped define and deliver the needed acoustical solutions while also not delaying construction.

“By using neutral colored reusable canvases, we were able to split the process into two phases”, explains Bjørn Berthelsen, Sales Director at AKUART. “In the first phase, the building architect could focus solely on acoustic requirements. Afterwards, Novozymes and e-Types could implement the right visual solution that would match the overall interior design ambitions. By providing this flexibility, we could make the whole process
more efficient.”

To convey a homely feeling, Danish design agency e-Types and AKUART designed the visuals for the acoustic panels. Through extensive color proofing, we ensured the artwork matched the furniture design. The result is a total solution that is both functionally and aesthetically optimal.