Novo Nordisk Engineering (NNE) specialises in engineering services custom-made to pharmaceutical companies. Working globally, they assist in every aspect of the process from initial research to the finally reaching the patient.

Following the relocation of their head office, NNE seized the opportunity to do things better and differently. AKUART helped them improve acoustics and, at the same time, display their proud milestones throughout their new facilities.

Made to Adapt

Working together with NNE, we could deliver an optimal and well-integrated acoustic solution. We began by mapping out their needs and defining the best placement of sound absorbers. Afterwards, we designed and produced the visuals for the wall panels so they would go hand in hand with the company’s visual identity.

“Our close teamwork with NNE’s architects ensured everything was aligned with their color schemes and their ambition for making the house reflect their culture and company. I am proud of the solution which pleases both ear and eye,” adds Jonas Lønborg, Head of Graphic Production at AKUART.

By using our changeable canvases, NNE can always display their most recent and inspiring projects throughout the headquarters. A great reminder of how their efforts make an important difference for countless people worldwide.