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    Acoustic Writing Board & Acoustic Panel
    Wood-Work Collection

    Frame Colours


    Standard Colours

    Stone Beige

    Light Pink

    Light Grey


    Standard colours available on both canvas and glass finishes.

    Extended Colours

    Bright Blue

    Petrol Blue

    Light Blue

    Bright Green

    Olive Green

    Deep Red



    Dark Grey

    Extended colours available on both canvas and glass finishes - NB. minimum order of 10 pieces of the same colour and size for glass (Acoustic Writing Board).

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    The Wood–Work Acoustic Writing Board & Acoustic Panel is an innovative collection that cleverly combines aesthetics and functionality and is an intuitive tool for expressive minds that need to gather thoughts and people. It’s engineered to be a full range high absorptive unit consisting of a high performance low frequency magnetic writing board membrane absorber and a class A porous sound absorbing wall panel with a pinnable function. By combining these two absorbers you are guaranteed a superior acoustic solution when creating beautiful, effective and functional acoustic design interiors that are comfortable and captivating at the same time.

    Product details
    • Class A sound absorption (acoustic panel) 
    • High performance low frequency membrane absorption (acoustic writing board) 
    • Magnetic glass surface (acoustic writing board) 
    • Pinnable surface (acoustic panel) 
    • A dots / squares pattern option (acoustic panel) 
    • Wooden frames from FSC certified supplier 
    • Minimalistic frame design

    Acoustic material
    Absorber made from stone wool waste

    50 mm solid oak

    Acoustic Panel front
    Polyester made with 100% recycled polyester fibres

    Acoustic Writing Board front

    Wall hanging rails


    w:1000 x h:1500 mm
    w:1200 x h:1500 mm
    w:1000 x h:2000 mm

    w:1500 x h:1000 mm
    w:1500 x h:1200 mm
    w:2000 x h:1000 mm

    w:1000 x h:1000 mm

    Bespoke sizes also available


    Left to right: Magnetic eraser, Magnetic pen holder, Marker pen, Magnets (pack of 5)

    Test & Acoustic functionality

    Wood – Work Acoustic Panel
    Sound absorption class: A
    Weighted absorption coefficient (αw): 0.95

    Wood – Work Acoustic Writing Board
    Sound absorption class: E(L)
    Weighted absorption coefficient (αw): 0.15


    Acoustic Panel:
    Withstands daily dusting, vacuuming.

    Acoustic Writing Board:
    Withstands daily dusting, vacuuming and wiping of the glass surface
    with a semi wet cloth with the use of universal cleaning products

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

    Design Options

    A playful mid-century colour palette, solid oak frames with three different finishes and a dots and squares pattern to secure calm acoustics for a comfortable yet captivating interior experience. Request a Wood-Work sample kit and design right out of the box.


    Special Features