Welcome to the future of work spaces

In Your Room is a versatile room-in-room system with an intuitive modular design, allowing for easy customization.

A modular framework

The In Your Room system consists of a framework that can be assembled with simple tools. It comes in pre-assembled acoustic modules, glass modules, open modules, and posts and bars, all of which can be connected to create a larger predefined or bespoke configuration.

Ready to use work spaces

In Your Room also offers a range of predefined configurations for a plug-and-play solution accommodating versatile work functions. Whether you need a workspace, meeting room, lounge area, auxiliary room, or another, In Your Room has a ready-to-use space for you. Choose among six different series in various sizes.

Built to last

In Your Room is designed for disassembly to minimise waste. The components used for In Your Room have similar lifespans, ensuring that it can be maintained, that parts can be recycled and replaced – and finally making disassembly and sorting uncomplicated and worthwhile.

Colour range

The colour range features eight distinct colour categories: Blue, Earth, Green, Yellow, Red, Purple, Olive, and Neutral. Each colour is available in three variations – Muted, Accent, and Base.


Incorporate curtains into the “In Your Room” framework to achieve the ideal balance of openness and privacy, effortlessly creating secluded areas whenever needed.