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    Imagine Collection

    Frame Colours



    Art & Photography

    Akuart x Paper Collective

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    Imagine is a collection of sound absorbing art & photography that offers a unique opportunity to transform any space into an oasis of tranquillity while inspiring emotions. The collection boasts a diverse range of sizes ensuring a perfect fit for any room. Every artwork is framed in exquisite oak, showcasing the natural beauty of the material while adding a touch of sophistication to the overall composition.

    Product details
    • Superior acoustic performance
    • An online gallery with a meticulously curated selection of contemporary artwork
    • Akuart x Paper Collective Collab
    • Easy installation
    • Option for bespoke artwork 

    Acoustic material
    PET with fibres from recycled plastic bottles

    Oak veneer

    Polyester made with 100% recycled polyester fibres

    Wall hangers


    Frame depth 50mm

    w:500 x h:700 mm
    w:570 x h:800 mm
    w:600 x h:900 mm
    w:700 x h:1000 mm
    w:860 x h:1200 mm
    w:1000 x h:1400 mm
    w:1200 x h:1680 mm
    w:1200 x h:1800 mm

    w:700 x h:500 mm
    w:800 x h:570 mm
    w:900 x h:600 mm
    w:1000 x h:700 mm
    w:1200 x h:860 mm
    w:1400 x h:1000 mm
    w:1680 x h:1200 mm
    w:1800 x h:1200 mm

    w:800 x h:800 mm
    w:1000 x h:1000 mm
    w:1200 x h:1200 mm

    Bespoke sizes on request

    Test & Acoustic functionality

    Sound absorption class: A
    Weighted absorption coefficient (αw): 1.0


    Imagine panels are easy to clean. They can withstand daily dusting, vacuuming and wiping with a damp cloth with the use of universal cleaning products.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.