In their recently opened coffee shop in Jægersborggade situated in the northern part of Copenhagen The Coffee Collective knew that acoustic regulation was a must to provide a total coffee experience for their customers. For this reason they had sound-absorbing panels installed in the ceiling from the start. However, it soon became evident that this was not enough as the coffee shop still needed additional acoustic treatment to keep the noise levels down.

Coffee shops are typically experienced as lively environments. Cups and glasses, coffee grinders, people having conversations etc. all contribute to the noisy soundscape. It ends up with the barista getting a headache and the guests having a bad experience ”. Klaus Thomsen, Co-founder at The Coffee Collective.

The total coffee experience
To secure a pleasant sound environment AKUART was invited to specify the acoustic solution. To minimize the noise problems we mapped out critical acoustic wall surfaces in the coffee shop. We then specified the right amount of sound absorption and the ideal placement. Effective broad frequency range wall panels were chosen for the task.

It is crucial not to use thin absorbers in noisy environments since they primarily work in the high frequency area. To increase speech intelligibility and acoustic comfort, you always need to work with acoustical panels absorbing frequencies in a broad frequency range.” adds Steffen Spangmose acoustical engineer at AKUART.

To reflect The Coffee Collective’s work with Direct Trade (a program to secure coffee farmers a fair price for their produce) photographs taken on annual trips when visiting coffee farms were chosen as artwork.

We chose AKUART for a lot of different reasons but especially because we can change canvases as needed. In a way, you can say that the functional acoustic solution is just as sustainable as the collaboration with our coffee farmers. And that is hugely important to us” says Klaus Thomsen, Co-founder at The Coffee Collective.