Suspended Acoustic Panels

AKUART’s suspended acoustic panels are the perfect way to divide spaces or add sound absorption to vertical glass surfaces. Design and formations are fully customisable. With changeable canvas on both sides, you have complete freedom to design your own space, whether it is with graphic art, corporate images or just simple textured surfaces.

Special Features

A high level of acoustic efficiency

All of our acoustic products are tested by third party acoustic engineers in an approved sound engineering laboratory, ensuring optimal acoustics and  a balanced sound environment

Changeable textile front and backside

A long term sustainable solution. when redesigning or changing the decor, it is more cost efficient to change the front and backside with a new visual appearance, rather than replacing the whole suspended panel.

flexible configurations

There are few limitation when deciding on configurations. With AKUART suspended acoustic panels you are free to configure them as you want. By using the 5 acoustic “building blocks” (all 61 cm in width) you can customise the panels to fit any interior decor possible. Choose between 5 different heights ranging from 44 cm to 252 cm.


By suspending The acoustic panels along the glass surfaces you get an efficient and visually beautiful solution and it also works as a perfect discretion line.