Hang With Me is a 60 mm fully customizable wire suspended acoustic panel system. A minimal graphic design outline supported by high acoustic functionality makes this suspended acoustic panel system a natural choice for creating effective acoustic zones where needed (e.g. the open plan workspace, canteen, between working areas). It offers a complete freedom to make your own designs and stands out by its printed front and backside textile canvases.


Hang With Me offers predefined configurations in the form of three different series ranging from a total height of 150 cm (A), 202 cm (B) and 254 cm (C). Each series consists of different combinations that can be freely configured as needed.

Depth: 60 mm / 2.36”
Min. height: 20 cm / 7,87”
Max. height: 300 cm / 118,11”
Min. length: 20 cm / 7,87”
Max. length: 600 cm / 236,22”

Download product sheet for a full overview of formats and sizes.