AKUART Artist: Sofie Børsting

Although Sofie Børsting, 43, is working with both textile collections and at the same time is a mother of a 10 year old girl, she still has the time to create and work on new art. After her years in Art School in Copenhagen, the Danish Design School and a career in design of both lamps, furnishings and textiles, Sofie Børsting has been inspired to create nuanced and poetic art works.

“It is important to me that something new and unexpected can happen all the time. Occasionally they (the art works and textiles) get a quick turn in the shower to gain the right form of patina.”

As an artist she is very engaged with depth and detail which is illustrated in her art works, where the transition between light and darkness play a big role. According to Sofie her art should have a poetic and meditative effect, where the quest for peace and balance is in focus. After her job as a textile designer, even the surfaces of her original works sensuous. The motives is created on paper with both ball pen, pencils and qouache paint. The works can even get a quick turn under the shower to get the right patina.

“It is crusial that the process is interesting and that I am present – not the result as such.”

As an artist Sofie is seeking the silent process where the picture slowly emerge. She is inspired by the particular nature around her, for example a walk around the lakes in Copenhagen. But it can also be museums and many other things. In the process she creates collages as a liberating canvas where unexpected motives may occur. Sofie is currently particularly fond of ‘Green Bouquet’ motifs, but states that she always has the most interest in her current projects.

See all of Sofie’s art works here: AKUART gallery.


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Winter Woods

AKUART Smartwall Creates Room Within the Room

Architecture and Urban Design company, Studio Egret West in London, had their yearly christmas event with the theme Winter Woods. Acoustic SmartWalls from AKUART created the perfect setting with their noise reducing qualities and visual winter decoration.

The room of the event is perfect for large parties or events – a large room for conferences with great possibilities to gather a lot of people in one place. High ceilings, bare walls, and large windows towards the street.

The problem with this type of room is that with no acoustic ceilings or any decoration on the walls, there is nothing to absorb the sound. This means that conversation, musik etc. sends sound waves out into the room and the bare surfaces reflects it back into the room. This creates a resounding echo as the superfluous noise does not get absorbed.

The solution at Egret West illustrates a perfect use of AKUART SmartWalls. With these SmartWall you are able to create “a room within the room“. This contributes to creating more intimacy, and also creates an acoustic zone, where the company’s guest are able to enjoy their dinner without disturbing noise and echo. The unique element of AKUART SmartWalls is that both front- and backside consists of exchangeable prints. This provides an opportunity to create different visual expressions depending on which side you look at. Studio Egret West’s christmas event was, as mentioned earlier, in the theme of Winter Woods. AKUART SmartWalls were printed with motifs of a snowy forrest, which created the perfect setting for the event. See the pictures below and get inspired.

AKUART, studio egret westAKUART, studio egret westAKUART, studio egret west

AKUART in China

AKUART at Wagas Airport Restaurant

AKUART decorates the Chinese café- and restaurant chain, Wagas, with functional and modern art. The restaurant in Hongqiao airport experienced unwanted noise and decided to decorate their walls with not only modern, but also sound absorbing art.

The Wagas restaurant chain consists of a series of various cafés and restaurants. Each has a unique brand and concept. The chain originally started with the restaurant Wagas in 1999, and now consists of over 50 different restaurants and cafés in China. Wagas and AKUART has several core principals in common, but one in particular was obvious – quality. The problem was that customers at Wagas’ restaurant in Hongqiao airport Shanghai didn’t get the quality experience due to unwanted noise and echo.

Since classic interior design in airports usually consists of large, open spaces with hard, reflective surfaces like glass and concrete, low-quality sound environments often arise, and Hongqiao airport is no exception. The Wagas restaurant was besides this designed with large, bare walls, and high ceilings. The bare walls in the restaurant presented the opportunity to install modern and functional decoration. The motifs were chosen in the spirit of the airport environment, and in line with the Wagas brand and concept. The sound absorbing images portrays different surfaces from the airport building, which gives a nordic and cool look, and a picture of an airplane with a worm’s eye view adds depth to the decorations.

AKUART acoustic images lives up to high quality demands and ensures an effective reduction of noise. The total solution contributes to creating a more pleasant atmosphere in the restaurant.


Akuart, wagas, Shanghai Airport Akuart, wagas, Shanghai Airport