AKUART Artist: Sofie Børsting

Although Sofie Børsting, 43, is working with both textile collections and at the same time is a mother of a 10 year old girl, she still has the time to create and work on new art. After her years in Art School in Copenhagen, the Danish Design School and a career in design of both lamps, furnishings and textiles, Sofie Børsting has been inspired to create nuanced and poetic art works.

“It is important to me that something new and unexpected can happen all the time. Occasionally they (the art works and textiles) get a quick turn in the shower to gain the right form of patina.”

As an artist she is very engaged with depth and detail which is illustrated in her art works, where the transition between light and darkness play a big role. According to Sofie her art should have a poetic and meditative effect, where the quest for peace and balance is in focus. After her job as a textile designer, even the surfaces of her original works sensuous. The motives is created on paper with both ball pen, pencils and qouache paint. The works can even get a quick turn under the shower to get the right patina.

“It is crusial that the process is interesting and that I am present – not the result as such.”

As an artist Sofie is seeking the silent process where the picture slowly emerge. She is inspired by the particular nature around her, for example a walk around the lakes in Copenhagen. But it can also be museums and many other things. In the process she creates collages as a liberating canvas where unexpected motives may occur. Sofie is currently particularly fond of ‘Green Bouquet’ motifs, but states that she always has the most interest in her current projects.

See all of Sofie’s art works here: AKUART gallery.


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