The Desk Screen

This is not your average desk screen. It’s as flexible as it’s functional. An effective shield from the hustle and bustle of every day office life.

Special Features

A high level of acoustic efficiency

All of our acoustic products are tested by third party acoustic engineers in an approved sound engineering laboratory, ensuring optimal acoustics and  a balanced sound environment

Changeable textile front and backside

A long term sustainable solution. when redesigning or changing the decor, it is more cost efficient to change the front and backside with a new visual appearance, rather than replacing the whole desk screen.

Flexible Formats

Few limitation when deciding on desk screen formats. The desk screen comes in seven different standard sizes but can also be ordered on request in custom sizes.

Adjustable clamp Mount

Adjustable clamp mount, securing that the screen is always vertically levelled despite any irregularities in the floor surface. Often when desk screens can’t be adjusted, they end up tilting, creating an uneven visual solution