We proudly present our first Sustainability Report


Sustainability Report

Key terms:


As part of our commitment to UN Global Compact and the Global Sustainable Development Goals, this report is a testament to our efforts and continued ambitions.

At Akuart we are committed to develop our products and the company to be sustainable and fit for the future and we are excited to share with you what we have worked with within the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) agenda in the last year.

The report covers subjects within ESG issues divided in four categories:

Sustainable development is a journey that we are very excited to have embarked on and we are thrilled to see how our efforts are received in our network. Thank you to all who have contributed, taken part, made a push, asked questions or given recommendations. The transformation truly is a group effort, and we are stoked to feel how everyone in our network embraces the agenda and are ready to join us on the journey.

We invite you to dive in and get familiar with our efforts as well as our ambitions and the challenges ahead.