We are happy to share one of our all time favorite projects at Novo Nordisk Engineering HQ in Virum.

In this project we helped NNE improve the room acoustics and, at the same time, display the companies proud milestones throughout their newly renovated facilities. Working closely together with NNE’s team leader architect Nokke Klenow we were able to deliver an optimal and well-integrated acoustic solution. The project encompassed everything from mapping out NNE’s specific interior needs to defining intricate color schemes and digitally produce colorfull textures for the wall panels so they would go hand in hand with the company’s visual identity. 

See the video and follow Nokke Klenow as she walks through Novo Nordisk Engineering HQ describing the close collaboration with AKUART in designing and implementing an effective acoustic environment with a visual meaning.  


Video photography by Mark Juul Kronby